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Muscle Cycling Kit

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A jersey for professionals made of Italian fabric Asteria, which fits to athlete’s body, the sleeves reaching below the biceps are so innovatively cut that they don’t need any folding to finish. A the back there is a pocket divided into 3 parts. The back is made of Goccia fabric with a surface of golf ball which gives it additional breathing quality. Standard Italian zipper (covered by the fabric). Bottom of the jersey with a silicon belt. Fluorescent elements on the back. Lower panel under the pocket made from sublimated fabric with a fluorescent part.

The most professional model of cycling bib shorts with pad. Side part printed, bottom edge made of AntySlip™ tape. Side panels made of SHIELD fabric. Back panel sublimated from SHIELD fabric. Unsublimated fabric – white net (braces). Flat stitches. Martombike Laser Cut inner pad.

Products are unisex. They fit both men and women silhouettes.

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