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Muscle skin Suit Short (Pre-order)

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Product is currently out of stock but will be produced on demand the moment you decide to buy it. The time of realization is hard to predict but usually takes about 4-8 weeks plus shipping which takes 3-6 days within UE and 6-12 working days for the rest of the world.

Athletic apparel of the highest quality for professionals and amateurs alike. Made from Italian fabric renowned for good elasticity and supreme comfort it is a great value skin suit that is suitable for multiple sports (e.g. Running, Swimming, Inline skating,...

Products are unisex. They fit both men and women silhouettes.

  • Anatomically designed for great fit and performance during cycling.
  • Warp-knitted fabric with microstructure
  • Long zip with overlapping front opening.


(POLYESTER+ELASTHAN) by the Italian company named MITI Warp-knitted fabric with microstructure horizontal effect produced with full-dull multifilament nylon yarn and
26% Lycra( Lycra-POWER CERTIFIED™) using the unique technology aria by Miti

 “honeycomb” extensible (stretchable) knitting construction which allows the dynamic thermoregulation. Produced on the newest generation of 40-gauge looms this fabric gives
maximum comfort because when worn, each single cell opens and closes letting air in and moisture out. Its unique construction with horizontal ribs makes it extremely abrasion-resistant and allows a high degree recovery or modulus.

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